MEMBERS Benefits 会员福利

  1. Access to Exclusive Resources
    • Private SBCTA’s FB page
    • E-newletters
    • Oversea study trip at subsidized rate
    • Updates on Government grants, laws, rules and regulations etc
    • Listed on SBCTA’s website with short write-up of company
    • Certificate of SBCTA’s membership - yearly
    • SBCTA 会员专属脸书社团
    • 最新电子通讯(电子报)
    • 海外见习交流费用津贴
    • 政府补助金、法律、法规和规章等的最新情况
    • 会员(公司)资料列置于 SBTCA 公会网站
    • 会员证书(年度)
  2. Education and Training
    • Education, Training, Seminar @ highly subsidies rate
    • Demonstration from local and oversea renowned Pastry Chefs and Bakers(twice a year)
    • 在职进修、培训、研讨会 > 高额津贴
    • 来自本地和海外知名的烘焙师、糕点厨师和面包师的示范会(一年两次)
  3. Legislative mouthpiece and sounding board
    • Together with the association to achieve greater high
    • Combine promotions, marketing… reduce costs
    • Collaboration with 4 suppliers per year for more partnerships opportunity
    公会为以实现更高目标,每年与 4 家供应商合作,提供更多合作机会;结合促销、行销与降低成本。
  4. Chillax Asia
    • Priority booking for all members
    • Booth discount up to 10%
    • 所有会员优先预订
    • 展位折扣高达总金额的 10%
  5. Student Bursary Award (Primary, Secondary & Tertiary)
    • Minimum requirement listed on SBCTA’s website
    • Application will be reviewed and approved by the board of committees
    • The decisions will be final based on overall applications
    • All awards will be given and to be received only during SBCTA’s Lunar New Year dinner. Application will be disqualified if applicant is unable to attend on the award ceremony. Thank you for your support and understanding.
    • SBCTA 网站上列出的最低要求
    • 申请将由委员会审查和批准
    • 根据整体申请,决定将是最终决定
    • 所有奖项将仅在 SBCTA 的农历新年晚宴期间颁发和接收。如果申请人无法参加颁奖仪式,申请将被取消资格。感谢您的支持和理解。
  6. Networking Locally & Internationally / Kopi Talk 社交/茶会
    • Quarterly meet-up (20 pax) 每季举办一次(20 人)
    • Exchanging ideas and experience 经验与意见交流
    • Updates on latest Trends and Products 最新资讯与产品更新
  7. More…
    • Increase Sales: Bakeries Go Places (Bazaars)
    • Manpower solution: Internship
    • Members helping Members
    • 如何增加销售额?参与 Bakeries Go Places(Bazaars)
    • 人力资源解决方案:聘用实习生
    • 会员帮助会员